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June 28, 2011



Brighthelm Stables News

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 28, 2011, 2:16 AM
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February 08 2012
Umm.. this is a late update :XD:

Show results
There have been a great many show results since my last update. Here are the most interesting ones:

Charlie and BH The Illusionist took home first place in oakhollowd's Oak Hollow Summer Fayre CCI*** Three Day Event
Jemima and BH Papped By A Rockstar took fourth in the same show, this time the CCI* Three Day
Charlie and BH I Can Be A Rockstar came joint second in BangGoesReality's RDS Gaelic Challenge CCI**** Three Day Event
Charlie and BH Bodyclock took first in scaramouche2802's Rivervale Inaugural Show Young Horse Class
Jemima and BH Punch Drunk took third in the same show, Six Bar class
Jemima and BH Punch Drunk took second in Littlehorselover's VN SLO Grand Prix Show Jumping

In other shows (and sometimes the same shows xp) horses went otherwise placed outside of the top three. We were very disappointed that Jemima and Charlie came back in last and second-to-last respectively from SaintTheSinner's three star three day event. The same happened at the Serenity Lake Winter Festival to Jemima and Emily - though both girls acknowledge that they were underprepared for the event!

Breedings/foals etc
Since August we have welcomed two new additions to the youngstock at Brighthelm - BH Sea Witch and BH Lost and Lovedrunk.
Other new horses we welcomed are Madame Emma Bovary and BH Mr Impossible, both dressage horses.
Which leads on to our newest member of staff. Pascale de Neveau joined the team in January and will be working with all horses on their flatwork and dressage skills, and will now be the stable's main dressage rider.
OH and Marion had a little baby.  He is called Robert Charles Bateman-Saunders - Bob for short.

Other news
I am useless at updating news is the main one :D
Jemima is now seriously considering moving solely into show jumping, which means Marion is advertising again for a new eventing rider.

August 18 2011

Firstly I will be calm and collected. Brighthelm now has a whole bunch of new affiliates! We are now affiliated with Big-Dog-River Stud, Hardy Stud (run by TackRack) and Oak Hollow Stables (run by oakhollowd). Hooray for being affiliated with such wonderful people!

Now for hyperspazz time.

Charlie and Maddie came back from OVEC IN SECOND BLOODY PLACE :la: It looks, finally, like Charlie's got over his aversion to riding dressage well, and Maddie's interesting approach to cross country courses in the rain seems to have paid off. BOOYAH.

June  28 2011
I really ought not to be updating this yet as we're still waiting on the results of one more show, but too excited!

The first show we've been to recently was the Pembrooke Fields Show Me Showcase. We are thrilled to announce that BH The Illusionist came back named Reserve Champion after taking second place in the Cross Country and third in the Showjumping. This mare is a bit of a prodigy, as she's only 8 years old and already placing well at the top level. Aaron was riding BH RDR Tache D'Or, who also showed herself well and took second in the Dressage and was placed fourth overall in the three day event. BH Living On Jupiter did surprisingly well as this was really a warm up show for her, getting her used to showing and she took a joint fifth place in Dressage against much more experienced horses - even beating out Moony! Our halter results are less exciting. Sky, to nobody's surprise, came dead last. What can you do if your horse won't stand still and insists on rearing and bucking in front of the judges? Fizz did a little better, but lacked his usual vitality and was pushed into fourth place.

The next event we've been to was the Akillian Warmblood Association Quality Test. Marion and Emily only took our stallion, BH Entrance Exam, to the test as it was felt that he shows the breed qualities best of our four Akillians. We were proven right - he won the entire test! Despite a bit of a bad mood, he took third in the conformation class, and his rather ungainly running put him in eighth place in the Liberty class. However, he took first in the Free Jumping and his overall score was the best out of all the horses shown. We're very proud of our boy, and now considering whether to allow limited breedings to him to help improve the breed.

May 24 2011
First news in a long time!
We have a lot of show results to boast about, but let's start with the less great. All horses came home safely from the Karelian Masters' Event, but none did fantastically. Charlie and Maddie took the second fastest time in the cross country in the Three Day, but couldn't manage to scrape into the placings due to a very poor dressage score. Work is continuing on improving Maddie's dressage and Charlie is undertaking some serious training. Blankie's unorthodox jumping style also did him down as he knocked a fence, and Jemima and Juno came bottom in the lower level showjumping class.

On to better things though!

We were thrilled to see Punk back in action, and even more thrilled that he took second place in the Oak Hollow Spring Warm Up Show Jumping class. Jemima was riding, and not to be outdone her other mount, Radio, took third in the Combined Training. Charlie and Rockstar didn't do themselves a disservice by taking a nice round fifth place. A great warm up for the full events coming up this summer.

Lastly, three of our lovely ladies were shipped off to the Dilute Registry Annual Show - Pony (Upona Time), Petal (Papped By A Rockstar) and Jabberwocky (Jabberwocky's Daughter). To the genuine shock of all concerned, show novice Pony won the palomino class - a class that was fairly exploding with seasoned and well known halter horses! Petal, despite her chubbiness also wowed the crowds enough to be made runner up in the silver class. With think Jabberwocky's generally nervous nature is what pushed her into 7th place in the Dun class, but we are still very proud of our little appendix QH.

February 10 2011
We're pleased to say that our Akilian Warmblood stallion, BH Entrance Exam (aka X) came home safely from the OVEC Cross Country event, despite apparently having very little steering and almost no brakes! He didn't do fantistically, coming 28th in a field of 42, but we are satisfied with his finish and are hoping he does better in his next competition, expected to be the combined training event at Oak Hollow.

January 6 2011
We are very proud and very sad to make a couple of announcements. Good news comes first though! BH The Illusionist, aka Moony, did fantastically at her first event, taking the second highest dressage score and the best in showjumping and cross country. This made her the overal Grand Champion! We could not be prouder of our second ever foal. She proves that mixed breed sporthorses are top class :D

Now for the bad. BH Gentleman's Fob Watch passed away during an operation to correct a problem with her stomach that was causing her to colic frequently and severely. She will be very much missed, but lives on in her three lovely colts.

Further bad news for one of those colts though - during a cross country accident, BH Thief of Time broke his right foreleg just below the knee. It was a relatively clean break and he will survive without surgery, but we have been told it is extremely unlikely that he will ever be able to jump again. We are considering whether to retire him to stud altogether to to attempt to retrain him as a dressage horse.

December 13 2010
Gosh so much to announce! Firstly, we have FANTASTIC news from the Zhakarov 2 day event - Tally came first in the CIC*! She and Aaron just wowed everyone - despite a rocky dressage round, they were the only pair to come clean in the show jumping and made a fantastic time on the cross country course.
Monster and Jemima did well but didn't place, and we're pleased with his first performance at a full event. Maddie also didn't place, but didn't show too badly - all eyes were on her after her HARPG newsletter feature and she didn't disappoint! Her dressage was a little shaky, but her show jumping was clean and tidy and she took a very fast time in the cross country.

Sadly she had to be scratched from the Somesera Dressage show, but Moony and Juno both did well. Unfortunately they were both the only entrants in their classes!

We'd like to welcome a new addition to the stable - we've purchased SeE Upona Time, a lovely palomino akilian mare, from Starless Element Equestrian. We've also been given a gorgeous knabstrup filly from the same as a birthday present! She still needs a ref, but her name is SeE BH Sexy Thing, aka Tingle. Finally, we're waiting for Minnie to give birth to our fourth akilian, sired by the lovely SDS Sugoi. She looks as if she's about to pop, so hopefully he or she will be with us soon!

November 24 2010
First thing - decided to start a news journal as the Seasons one was getting a little crowded!
Secondly, we're delighted to announce the results of the Howl to the Moon Full Moon at Midnight Fair.
We're delighted to say that Shrimp took first in the creek race! At last he has some sort of calling xD We're going to try him at cross country as a result of this. Moony sadly placed 7th in the free jumping - meaning that Charlie now owes Marion 50 pounds - but Hiccup did extremely well and placed 3rd.
Radio did fantastically and took second in the cross country - and even better than that, he was named the show champion! We couldn't be prouder of our little Danish gentleman.

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Showjumping ftw Jemima, you're in awesome company, just saying :D
Those placings are fab :dummy: well done!
femalefred Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heheh, we shall see what she decides. And thanks! I'm pretty pleased with them. That said, they are spread over between like.. October through to now :XD:
oakhollowd Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Still some good placings though :iconnotbadplz:
femalefred Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very true :) I'm sure that Charlie's not complaining!
oakhollowd Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Se-econd pla-aaaaace :la: congratulations! I was so chuffed for you when I saw that :aww:
femalefred Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! I was beyond shocked - to be honest I'd sort of stopped checking =SageSinRiddle's page for updates as it was just winding me up too much and I was just randomly surfing around DA and ended up there again. Congrats to you on the 10th as well :D Huuge show, everyone deserves congratulations :la:

Now we just have to wait and see for the dressage and showjumpings..
oakhollowd Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know! I don't expect much from SJ but I'm eager to see how Dressage goes.
Thanks :aww: hasn't been a bad day for results all round, has it?
I'm waiting to see what happens in SJ and D before doing my stable news journal. Hopefully one of them will be up by tonight!
femalefred Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have no idea what to expect now. I didn't think I'd even be in the top 10 for the eventing so anything goes for the dressage and showjumping :XD:
oakhollowd Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Crazy crazy days!
123Lalaland456 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Woo, go X! :la:
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