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BrightHelm Stables Studbook

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 15, 2010, 3:57 AM

:bulletgreen:Stable Journal:bulletgreen:HARPG:bulletgreen:Genetic Calculator:bulletgreen:Brighthelm Seasons and News:bulletgreen:

BH breedings now open to the public! Rules are at the bottom of the journal. Please read before you request a breeding!

Stallions for stud

BH Swift Illusion
Big Red by femalefred
Breed: Hunter (TB x Suffolk Punch mix)
Height: 17.3hh
Colour: Chestnut
Genes: ee/aa/nZ/nSb
Notable Achievements 3rd in Silmes Dragon Stables' Night Fox Hunt 2010
3rd in Cobweb Farms Open Show Cross Country
Notable offspring: BH The Illusionist - HIEF 4 Star eventer
Accepted breeds: TBs, Warmbloods, Sport Horses

BH Punch Drunk
Punch Drunk by femalefred
Breed: Swedish Warmblood x TB
Height: 16.2hh
Colour: Classic Champagne Sabino
Genes: Ee, aa, ChCh, nSb
Notable achievements: 1st in Oak Hollow Summer Fayre 2010 Show Jumping
2nd in VN SLO Show Jumping
3rd in Rivervale Inaugural Show Six Bar
Notable offspring: none
Accepted breeds: Warmbloods, TBs

:new:BH RDR Chenin Blanc
BH RDR Chenin Blanc by femalefred
Breed: Dauphin Warmblood
Height: 15.3hh
Colour: Gold Champagne Sabino
Genes: ee/aa/ChCh/nSb
Notable achievements: None :(
Notable offspring: BH/AV Citron de la Loire - eventing prospect
Accepted breeds: Warmbloods,TBs

:new:BH Entrance Exam
X by femalefred
Breed: Akilian Warmblood
Height: 16.1hh
Colour: Dun
Genes: ee/Aa/Dd
Notable achievements: 1st in SDS-AWA Quality Test Free Jumping and overall Champion
Has Elite Blood status in SDS-AWA studbook
Notable offspring: none
Accepted breeds: Warmbloods, Arabs - Akillian warmbloods preferred
:note:All purebred Akillian breedings must be approved by SDS-AWA

Mares for lease

SeE Upona Time
Breed: Akilian warmblood
Height: 16hh
Colour: Palomino
Genes: ee/Aa/nCr
Notable achievements: Palomino Best of Colour at Dilute Registry Annual Show 2011
Notable offspring: none
Accepted breeds: TBs, warmbloods, arabs
:note:All purebred Akillian breedings must be approved by SDS-AWA

:new:BH The Illusionist
Breed: Mixed breed sport horse (Draft/TB x Swedish Warmblood)
Height: 17hh
Colour: Dunalion Sabino Tobiano
Genes: ee/aa/nCr/Dd/nSb/nT
Notable achievements: Show Champion at IDS First Event
2nd at Pembrooke Fields Show Me Showcase 2011 Show Jumping
1st at Oak Hollow Summer Fayre 2011 Three Day Event
Has achieved HIEF four star level
Notable offspring: none
Accepted breeds: TBs, warmbloods, sport horse types
:note: I am very picky about who I am willing to breed her to - the stallion must have been shown at least three times and preferably placed at least once

:new:BH Papped By A Rockstar
Breed: Swedish Warmblood
Height: 16.2hh
Colour: Silver black
Genes: EE/aa/nZ
Notable achievements: Second at the Dilute Registry Annual Show 2011 - Silver class
Notable offspring: none
Accepted breeds: TBs, Warmbloods

:new:BH I Can Be A Rockstar
Breed: Thoroughbred
Height: 15.1hh
Colour: Black
Notable acheivements: HEWA Finest
1st in The Galactic Tournament Puissance
3rd in Free Hearts Halloween Show 2010 Dressage
2nd in RDS Gaelic Challenge CCI**** Three Day Event
Notable offspring: BH Papped By A Rockstar - up and coming eventer
Accepted breeds: TBs, Warmbloods

:bulletorange:Please only realistic breeds (Akilian warmblood, obertaurer etc. are accepted) in realistic colours.
:bulletorange:Note me with the title 'Breed Request' including the name of the BH horse you would like to use and a link to the stallion/mare they'll be paired with
:bulletorange:Active HARPG registered stables only please!
:bulletorange:We do not want our foals going into racing. If you desperately want a racer out of one of our eventers, please note me to discuss.
:bulletorange:Genes are not required but are preferred. If you don't know what colour the foal might be, please let me know and I can help out ^^
:bulletorange: I am willing to design a foal if you get stuck, but I would prefer not to =)
:bulletorange:I have the right to refuse any breeding, especially if it's to a limited lease mare. Please don't be offended if I do, it's nothing personal!

Rohirrim journal skin.

Horse head 2009 - Grinmir-stock
Texture by kizistock
Knotwork by gbrgraphix
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