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featuring Tzilan

with mentions of EiliasAerandirSlyz MatkyNeilaTaelenEleonora, Ruan, Io, Kaziya and Anabelle|Captured Cape Splinter|Hind/Filly

Winter, Year 760 of the New Age
Windborne, Gumtree Hollow

The storm was raging almost beyond control.

Tzilan, and the Stormbringers standing with him, were straining against the force of the winds that were begging for escape, and sweat was dripping from the Cape Leader’s brow. They could not release it though - not yet, not until the innocents were gone. The Alliance was not like Fox, they did not capture children, they did not torture enemies, they would not strike at the soft underbelly.

The Main Herd’s soldiers were arrayed  before them - those not fighting the small units that were still biting at their flanks like mosquitoes - but the herd members, herbalists, children, all those who had no choice in this war were fleeing. The soldiers fought with hoof and antler, but the Alliance met them just the same; a liver chestnut stag was being charged at full force by a silvery dark doe and a flaxen-haired young soldier turned just at the last minute to lock antlers with an Alliance attack.

The herd members and  Stormbringers were making their choice - and although many were running at their Captain’s command it seemed more had chosen to fight. A dunalino stag that crackled with magic was plunging into the fray; a brother and sister galloped to the front line, their grey coats gleaming under the still quiet sky; a creamy doe turned from the exodus to join the battle, drawing the wind around her has she ran; a lean stag, a scout, charged to the fore…

And then there were the children - there, a young doe was cosseted by her mother as her father ran to join the fight and there - there, charging past the battle were two of the captive Alliance children, red and gold skirting the battle and hunting safe passage!

The air was thick with the cries of battle, and now, at last, the first crackle of thunder ripped at the silent sky. Feeling the pulsating power of the storm, Tzilan lifted his head and spoke, and a gale rushed to bring his words to the ears of the enemy.

“Soldiers!” the slender stag called, his words fuelled by the cyclone building in the sky. “We give you one chance. Join us or run now and we will not pursue you; fight and we will give no quarter. You stole our children. You killed our scouts. You hunted and hounded us until we had no choice.”

With each word it became more and more difficult to hold the hurricane in check, and with each word the wind howled his voice all the louder. He could feel the forces holding the building tempest growing weaker as less experienced fawnlings had their magic ripped from their grasp. Sweat was pouring down his chest and flanks and those of the fawnlings with him as they struggled to contain the raging power of the sky above them for long enough, just long enough that those who would run, could run.

“We do not fear you, Fox!” Tzilan screamed, his voice tearing the air as though it were a bolt of lightning.

“We are the STORM!”

It was the signal - the stormbringers, soldiers, all the Alliance that had gathered here replied with one voice, one shout that was swallowed in the roar of the hurricane as it descended on the Hollow.


And now there were no words, just the raging of wind and thunder and the screams of battle

Public Windborne Event | The Final Battle | Part 3

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (you are here!) | Part 4

Guidelines for Responses:

1. Please make sure you have read Parts 1 and 2 (linked above) first!

Please respond on the FEATURED COMMENT with your character's reaction and actions! This will be open for the next 72 hours!:tardgrinn: 

3. Make sure your response is a maximum of 100 words, and make sure that you follow the guidelines for your character type below.

4. Make sure you read what others have written before you add your part in!

5. Your responses will be included in the next part of the RP (to be posted by femalefred  soon) but remember that sadly not all responses can be included. Sad dummy 

6. Finally - remember NO POWERPLAYING and inappropriate responses will be ignored.

Alliance Soldiers 
Now the storm has been released, your job is to cause as much chaos as possible! Distract the Main Herd soldiers - attack their stormbringers - just make sure that they don't have enough time to think about what they're doing! The storm is huge and enormously powerful - just make sure the Main Herd can't get it under control!

Alliance Stormbringers
The storm has grown so huge and powerful that it's getting very difficult to keep a magical grip on it!:
Basic level magic users
You lost your magical connection to the storm almost as soon as Tzilan started talking :ohnoes:
Medium level magic users
You lost your magical connection to the storm when Tzilan was telling the Main Herd how terrible they are!
Advanced level magic users
You lost your magical connection to the storm when Tzilan told Fox that we don't fear him!
Master level magic users
You managed to keep the connection to the storm going until the signal to release it - so release it you did!

Now the storm is released you have a choice - retreat to safety and let the soldiers cause as much havoc as possible, or join in the havoc causing!

Other Alliance Adults
What you do now depends on whether you stayed home, joined the soldiers fighting or the stormbringers summoning the storm :D

Main Herd Soldiers
You have been given a choice - stay and fight, or turn and help to escort the rest of the herd to safety... and that hurricane looks pretty massive! If you stay to fight, you will find it difficult to even remain standing still, and the Alliance are continuing to attack you like the complete madfawns they are! If you choose to leave - well, you're safe for now, at least, but can you live with leaving your comrades like that?

Other Main Herd Members
If you've gone to safety, you'll still be caught by the edges of the storm - but at least you're safer than those who chose to fight! If you chose to fight, you still have the chance Tzilan has given you to run to safety... but if you stay, you will face the full force of the hurricane and the full might of the Alliance forces.

Captured Alliance Babies
Now is the time to RUN and get to safety as quickly as you can! The storm is huge - it is covering the whole of Gumtree Hollow and even some areas away from there! Best to find a safe spot to hunker down and hope it all blows over soon..
Farquhar the FAQ fawnling by femalefred
Farquhar the FAQ fawnling
Name: Farquhuar
Gender: Stag or doe depending on how the mood takes him/her
Colour: Mealy Green with partially restricted question-fawn
Build: Whatever you so desire :D
Princess Anedele - Bacon Design :D by femalefred
Princess Anedele - Bacon Design :D
Sooo.. this is Princess Anedele, for Teair :D Hopefully this design is ok - I'm not great with them x) 

Phenotype: Cremello Maximum Partially Restricted Fawn
Genotype: ee/At+a/CrCr/fwfw/rzrz (I think...)


featuring Tzilan, Étain, Ket and nearly everyone else in Windborne!

Winter, Year 760 of the New Age, Windborne, the edge of Gumtree Hollow

The morning was quiet and the wind was still - strange, for a day in the depths of winter. The sky was clear where there should be a thick carpet of grey cloud and there was no movement in the treetops or the grasses. There should be rain and thunder, the trees should be shaking themselves to pieces, and yet there was nothing. Only the sound of marching hooves.

The Alliance, a group held together by the thinnest of agreements, was marching. There were no fawns with them; this was not a migration, not a return to their former homes. Here strode soldiers and stormbringers, hardened warriors and powerful mages and their eyes glittered like steel.

Now, at last, they were strong. They were united, as they had not been before; they were an Alliance in spirit as well as name now. What had been created to claim back some land jealously guarded by the Main Herd had become something more; the attacks by the Main Herd, designed to cow and weaken them, had made them stronger, united them, turned them into a silent storm that would grant no mercy.

Quietly, groups broke away as they strode towards the hollow. Small units of soldiers and stormbringers, working together, would steal towards the herd from all sides as the main force came to them from the front. They would worry at the herd, making them anxious, uncertain until the main group arrived. Until they brought the storm.

The dark figure of Étain, the warrior doe who led the Point, strode ahead of her soldiers, ragged ears pinned back and her head low. Her very presence was a threat and it seemed that she led by sheer force alone. The soldiers looked to her, and it was at her gestures they ran to their tasks. Her second in command, Ket, despite her smaller stature was no less threatening. She walked with the power of the wind about her, lending her magic to the storm.

Tzilan, silent, moved along side Étain at the head. His mane and tail were dark and thunderous, and lightning crackled between his hooves and the ground. He held the storm by its neck, aided by the magic of the stormbringers behind him, waiting until at last it could be unleashed. He could feel the magic enraging it, feel the winds becoming stronger as they struggled against their constraints, and he smiled. There was no guilt now, the aching remorse and pain was buried between a sudden and uncontrolled anger he had never felt before. It was the anger of a hurricane and it filled him completely.

The Main Herd would suffer for what they had done.

There would be no escaping this storm.
Public Windborne Event | The Final Battle | Part 1

Part 1 is now closed! Go take part in Part 2 here:  Public Windborne Event | The Final Battle | Part 2There Will Be Blood
Featuring Fox, with mentions of many others!
Winter, Year 760 of the New Age
Windborne, Gumtree Hollow

The attack came as a surprise.
Failure still weighed heavy on Fox’s shoulders, after the operation that was meant to flush out betrayers had resulted in many young prisoners of war escaping back to the bosom of the Alliance. Things were looking grim, and he saw the disapproval reflected in the wary eyes of those he passed. Wallowing so in his disappointment, the young scout who skidded to a stop before him had to repeat her shrill message before it sank in through the miasma.
“Captain, the Alliance. They’re marching on the Hollow!”
Snorting, he glared at her incredulously. She shifted on her hooves and averted her eyes beneath his dark stare. “O-orders, sir?” she finally squeaked.
A scowl aged his face as he turned, dismissing the scout without a word as h

Part 1 (here) | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Guidelines for Responses:

    1. Please respond on the FEATURED COMMENT with your character’s reaction and actions! This will be open for the next 48 hours! :tardgrinn: 

    2. Make sure your response is a maximum of 100 words, and make sure that you follow the guidelines for your character type below.

    3. Make sure you read what others have written before you add your part in!

    4. Your responses will be included in the next part of the RP (to be posted by mule-deer soon) but remember that sadly not all responses can be included. Sad dummy 

    5. Finally - remember NO POWERPLAYING and inappropriate responses will be ignored.

Alliance Soldiers 
Most of you are in small groups with other soldiers, running around the edges of the Main Herd and making lightning strikes on them! You're seeking out soldiers and knocking them out as quickly as you can before turning tail and running - and then doing it again! A handful of you are staying with the main force to provide some backup.

Alliance Stormbringers
Most of you are lending your magic to Tzilan to support the immense storm that he is summoning and currently containing. You are in a group with Étain, Tzilan, Ket and a handful of soldiers there to protect you should the Main Herd spot you ahead of time! A few Stormbringers will be out with the groups of soldiers, making lightning quick attacks on the Main Herd!

Other Alliance Adults
You can either stay home and guard the babies - or join the fight! Magically strong adults can stay with the Stormbringers and help to summon the storm, and those who are physically stronger can run with the soldiers!

Main Herd Soldiers
AGH! Where did this attack come from? The herd is being attacked from all sides at once, by enemies that disappear just as soon as they've attacked. You knew something was coming, but you didn't quite expect this... and what's this? There seems to be another force on the horizon! Either stay and challenge the attackers, or run to meet the main Alliance force!

Other Main Herd Members
You're under attack! Run! Or stay! Or help with the fighting! It's up to you to keep yourself safe, it seems - so you can either help the soldiers defend the herd, try to hide or just get out of there altogether. Remember, if your fawnling is under 5 they won't be able to help much in the fighting :ohnoes:

Captured Alliance Babies
Something is going on - again! It looks like the guards who were guarding you are slowly going off to do other things, and there's lots of panicky shouting. Now's your chance - either run for the hills or you could try to cause some trouble for your captors!
“M’lord Svetlkin!”

The shout rang across the clearing and was met with a decidedly indifferent silence. Kin was not talking to anyone who called him ‘Lord’ today, least of all some child whose voice broke in the middle of a simple greeting.

He had heard the rumours - he always heard the rumours, even though he tried to keep away - and he was trying to avoid hearing that they were true. Sending a child-guard, as this creature picking its way through the snow appeared to be, was pretty much confirmation without even needing to hear the words.

“My’lord, I have been sent by the King!” the staglet called again, dipping his hornless head in some kind of facsimile of respect when he drew near.

“Well it must be important if they sent a child of what… three? Four? No, you don’t look to be four yet,” he muttered, dropping his head to the snow, snuffling at the frozen surface and starting to scrape away at the ground with a hoof, deliberately ignoring this fool creature and feebly hunting for grazing instead.

There was, to his surprise, an uncomfortable silence for a moment, until the youngster’s breaking voice broke out again.

“M’lord, I have six years and three as a guard!” he yelped.

Now, that got Kin’s attention. Lifting his gaze, but not yet his head, he looked the stagling over more closesly. He certainly didn’t look six - Kin hadn’t been joking about not looking four. He was a lanky creature made all of legs and tail, with no meat or muscle to speak of. And there was the lack of antlers, too.

“Oh?” he asked, before a sudden memory of whispered cruelty bloomed in his mind. “Oh. You’ll be Feddle, then.”

With a disappointed sigh, the middle aged lord straightened up and looked the young Guard Feddle straight in the eye. It was very, very like that foolish King to send Feddle on this task. Feddle and Kin were very alike in one way only: neither Feddle nor Kin fit.

The story went that Feddle had been selected as a companion guard for some Lordlet when he was two or three, as they were, but as it turned out the Lordlet wasn’t a fan, and the chestnut colt had been shipped off to train with the regular guards. Even when he was younger Feddle had been small and unimpressive; the late onset of his maturity had made it even clearer he was never going to make it to the top ranks of the Guard.

There was a lot of rather unpleasant gossip about Feddle - that he was really a doe, that his father had castrated him for reasons unknown, that the Lord he was guarding had castrated him for reasons unknown, that the King had castrated him for reasons unknown… and then a whole host of rumours about the reasons unknown. Essentially, similar rumours to the ones that had dogged Kin as a young stag. Feddle’s problem was that he was trying to overcome them. Feddle’s problem was that he was trying to fit where he didn’t.

It was exactly like Drustan to send this one.

“Yes, m’lord, I am Guardsman Feddle,” the lanky stagchild replied. “I bring marvellous news for you.”

Well, his voice was finally breaking. That would at least prove he was not a doe, even if it did rather reduce the impact of using him as a messsenger.

“Marvellous, is it? Do tell,” Kin replied, blinking lazily.

Feddle straightened up now, drawing himself into the most impressive pose that he could. It wasn’t very impressive.

“The King has decreed that the Princess Myrna, daughter of Lord Yorik, is to be betrothed unto you on the first day of Autumn in the next Year of the New Age, seven hundred and sixty one. Under Oganach’s shelter you shall be wed. Aillté blesses you with her daughter. Earran blesses you with the strength to carry his line,” he announced, his eyes closing with genuine reverence as he spoke the names of the gods.

Kin sighed, and was about to reply before Feddle suddenly, and rather unexpectedly continued.

“The King had these words for you, personally, m’lord. You shall take this betrothal and honour it, and not desecrate the sanctity of Aillté’s daughter. If you refuse this daughter of Aillté, you shall no longer be of his family, and shall be exiled from the Kingdom.”

There was silence between them as Kin, open-mouthed, stared in shock at the child in front of him. Exile? For not wanting to marry a sodding Princess? Did he have no other lords he could punish with this?! He’d heard the rumours they would do something if he refused this one, but exile was really going too far, wasn’t it?

The silence was yawning between them, becoming more and more awkward with every passing second. At last, Feddle finally spoke again.

“Oh, and he also asked me to ask if you understood?”

Shocked and bemused, the little Lord nodded, his mouth finally falling closed.

“Yes. I understand.”

Kin shook his head, sighing, before glancing back to the young Guard.

“Now go away.”
The Bearer of Bad News

featuring Svetlikin

with mentions of Drustan and Myrna

Year 760 of the New Age, Early Winter, Glenmore, Outskirts of the Glenwood

Three Hours Previously...

Genology Lord: "And for Princess Myrna, my leige?"

Dru: "The troublesome one? I think most Lords would not thank me for her. Hurm, how about Lord Svetlikin?"

Lord: "The one that infamously rejected a princess in the past? Are you sure my King?"

Dru: "Yeah, why not. Maybe it'll teach them both some manners"

Lord: "And what if he refuses this one, my liege, it would certainly cause a stir...?"

Dru: "Oh, threaten him with exile or something like that."

So, apparently, a lot of you guessed what was going to happen to Myrna. Kin isn't happy about it either ;) 

The wonderful conversation between Dru and his Genealogy Lord is courtesy of TigressDesign 


wants to be under the sea
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Happy New Year! And other things

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 11, 2015, 10:55 AM
What with Christmas and New Year I've been a bit busy.. and now I've just started a new job :dummy:

While that's awesome, it's meant that I'm a bit tired and I don't really have as much energy for dA and related activities when I get home in the evenings. As a result, I've not been around that much and I probably won't be around as much until I've settled in a bit.

I will be trying my hardest to answer RPs, notes and comments, and doing my darndest to keep on top of the ever swelling tide of Fawnlings related admin business, but I am not going to be replying every single day. I know some people (particularly relating to admin things) have found that a bit frustrating, but please be patient with me and hopefully I'll be properly back soon :)

Skin is by femalefred. Also the cats belong to femalefred - do not try to steal them please D:



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