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Pain and Loss
Life had hit a high point as of late. Yarrow was well into the prime of his life, ramping up and training to participate in the coming rut. His grandfather had just celebrated his 38th - 38th! - birthday not too long ago. The old stag was starting to show his age, though had not let his crowning glory of Glenmore's oldest stag slow him down. Yarrow often watched the old stag and his sire take long walks with each other, likely talking of Adalbert's impending inheritance once Gerald passed. The strapping Lord paid little heed to their whispered talks. He was far from becoming the head of their family, so it didn't concern him.
Or so he thought.
The handsome dark lord was sparring with another lord when the terrible news was discovered. He had to prepare if he was to garner any respectable does for his harem - after all, it was Yarrow's duty as second in line to produce another heir. Drenched with sweat, Yarrow's focus was solely on Lord Kian as they danced around each
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Mountain Side Tumble
767 of the New Age
West Haven, Windborne
Featuring: Neyel and Stefan

Today was an exploration day for Yel.
Momma was off doing Thunderhead things, and Illy had said it was okay if he went and played, and, well… the other colts and fillies his age just weren’t interesting enough today. Most of them didn’t even have magic yet, so they couldn’t join in with the games and tricks that he liked to play with little gusts of wind. They didn’t like it so much when he told them how much fun it was and how it was silly they couldn’t do it, either.
Illy had said that he should stay inside where the guards were, and because he couldn’t actually see where the guards were, he had decided he was going to climb a hill to make sure he could look. It was a little hill, he thought, even if it was all rocky, so he’d be able to climb it, no problems at all, and it didn’t matter too much that he was only halfway up so far becau
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WB MASS RP! - Coronation
Featuring King Sparrow, and the Allied Herd
Early Winter, Year 767 of the New Age
Windborne, Gumtree Hollow
Marbled stormclouds rolled in from the north, forming a deep, grey overcast as Sparrow clambered to the top of a rise. He stood before the herd with an air of confidence, though the slightest twinge of uncertainty tainted his composure. His eyes met with those of the crowd while he scanned the scene, sampling the mood. Were they excited or repellent? Were they ready for a new king, or would it have been better if Slyz were still in power?
‘We need this, whether any of us are prepared for the change or not,’ the auric stag told himself, shutting his eyes for a moment. He ran through his speech again and again in his mind, and reminded himself that this was all a positive adjustment for the herd. They needed a king who would be present. Kassia
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Fawnlings folk! Glenmores particularly! Come pay your respects to the departed Lord of Families
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The longest day didn’t seem so long this year, Gerald mused.

Each year it had seemed shorter - the world was rushing past with little heed for the old man. Yana had once told him, not so many seasons before she had passed, that summer days were for the young - scampering fawns, lovesick young bucks and the like. He’d been a mere 28 summers at the time - such youth it seemed! - and he’d scoffed at her, the conversation ending in the sort of comfortable disagreement that was the reason he’d so favoured her.

Now, at last, with 10 more years tucked behind his antlers, it seemed she was right. His ears had been failing him for he wasn’t sure how long but his sight had been fading, and summer fruits had not tasted so sweet this year. He was standing under Oganach’s long shadow  but he could not be sorry - he had basked in the sun for so long. It was his mother who’d given him this long life, he was sure - sweet Lettice hadn’t been taken in Oganach’s antlers until she was in her 46th winter. It was the cold that had taken her, but on this warmest, most comfortable of days his dear departed Mummy could not be further from his mind.

He wandered blissfully through the sun dappled shade, letting his hooves take him where they willed - it was where they always willed, to the Grove of Families. It was where he was happiest, pruning and caring for the trees, teaching the young; the only place for the Lord of Families - and the Heir, it seemed, for Adalbert was lying in a deep sleep, curled between the Tree of Kings and its smaller sister.

“Ah Bertie, what a capital idea,” the elderly stag murmured, wrinkling his muzzle in a broad smile, “A nap seems just the thing.”

It was a number of hours later that they were found by one of Adalbert’s does, each lying with a smile upon their whiskered faces, each one finally taken into Oganach’s embrace.

The Lord and Heir had been taken by the gods - and a new Lord of Families came to be.
The Longest Day

featuring Lord Gerald and Lord Adalbert (NPC)

Glenmore, the Grove of Families

Midsummer's Day, Year 768 of the New Age

At last, Lord Gerald, possibly the oldest stag in Glenmore, has passed at age 38. Sadly his eldest son, Adalbert has also died aged 28 - it seems he did not inherit Grandma Lettice's longevity, but still made it to a reasonable age before being taken into Oganach's antlers.

And this means that there is a new Lord of Families! Adalbert's oldest son, Yarrow, is now the formal Lord of Families
Lord Yarrow | Stag | Lord of Families by Thesmia

As Lord Yarrow has no sons at present he will be naming another relative as his Heir until he manages to make himself a new little Lord ;)

Lord Yarrow is now holding a funeral for his father and grandfather! Head over to the RP to pay your respects :dummy:
GM Mass RP | Fortis In Arduis.The preparations hadn't taken long, for his grandsire had long beaten him to the punch. Yarrow had little to do beyond organizing the old stag's affairs. Yarrow's sire, however...Adalbert had left the young Lord a mess to deal with. The dark lord had no idea their house and glade was in so much disarray until Yarrow had taken over. So while the dark stag organized a memorial service for both lords, Yarrow re-established the Glade that had become his unexpectedly. Yarrow considered himself lucky that his grandsire, Gerald, had been so organized. Otherwise he was certain he would have lost his mind trying to get things put in order.
The invitations had been sent to all the royals in Glenmore, though whether or not any of them would attend was an entirely different story. Yarrow knew that they all had interacted with at least Lord Gerald in one way or another - after all, the old stag was often giving the King referrals for betrothals based on the familial lineages that he oversaw in rela

Goodnight Little Lady

featuring Ket and Jetta

Windborne, Gumtree Hollow

Autumn, Year 767 of the New Age

In which Jetta has tired herself out (again) and Ket looks like a cow because apparently I've forgotten how to draw xP

Sorry for butchering your lovely lady mule-deer 
There is brightness, and movement. Her eyes are closed but there is a shimmer and shadow - slowly, slowly they open and she blinks the film away and the world is full of gold and green; colours she does not know and cannot name, but they are warm and soft; she smiles her first smile and blinks again.

She shivers, she is wet and new and the world is cold, her mouth opens and she mewls for help; there is golden warmth, something is tugging, rasping through her coat and her face is nestled in soft safety, smooth fur, a scent that speaks so strongly of the dark place before and she sighs and breathes deeply and smiles her second safe smile of reassurance and relief. She is safe, she is happy - she is home, she feels home for the first time, knows safety, knows happiness, her heart shudders and her eyes flutter closed and she smiles the third time, deep and content.

Soon, too soon, the warmth recedes, there are noises and shifts, the gold rises into the above and she wails - her home has gone, her warmth has gone; but then it is back, a face - she does not know it is a face, but a face, gazing at her with soft brown eyes and nudging, nuzzling, shoving with love at her shoulder and then her rump, and she whimpers, and the golden warmth makes noises that taste and smell of home and hope.

Slow, shaking, fearful but fearless, she moves. Long legs like blades of straw, fragile, shivering with newness, she rises; at once she falls, she wails, the warmth returns but pushes her on and she rises again, straw becomes a stem of grass, she falls, the stem bending, but does not cry, she sees fierceness in the gold now, fierceness and pride and she feeds on it and pushes herself before the gold can push her and once more she falls but the blades of grass are saplings now, she is on her knees but not down and she rises and she calls and she smiles her fourth smile, fierce and proud, and her eyes turn to the golden figure, to the warmth and she sees a smile the sounds are a voice, and they taste of joy.

But again, again the gold is moving, the warmth is receding, but she knows it is not leaving, it is leading, she knows that now and the saplings have become legs and she can step, faltering and feeble but she can step and her face blossoms to her fifth smile, shaking and unsure but becoming surer, and the voice is calling, murmuring love and pride and joy and hope, and the voice has a word


and she hears as she stumbles forwards, she hears and she knows and she knows the golden figure is home as she steps more surely, and she hears the words


and knows the words and knows now, she knows now..


She knows her name.

She smiles her sixth smile and she knows.
Six Smiles

featuring Jetta and Ket

Summer, Year 767 of the New Age

Gumtree Hollow, Windborne

So look who's super late with a birth RP....


wants to be under the sea
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Looking for FOUND

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 9:34 AM


Hey all!

I have been super cruddy at art lately and no matter how hard I try, my precious baby Jetta's ref isn't coming out right :(

Jetta Fawn Design by femalefred
Jetta's appearance
  • Jetta's only visible defect is no tail
  • She is very frail and dainty
  • She, at present, will look extremely babyish - big ears, big eyes, long gangly legs
  • I'd ideally like the image to show her looking towards the viewer
I'm looking for...
Someone who can provide me with a reference for her - I prefer traditional but happy with digital as I need it sooner rather than later :XD: 

Can pay cash (via paypal) or points.

If you are interested please comment below or note me with:
  • Examples (ideally 3 or more, ideally including at least one fawnling fawn)
  • Pricing
  • Timescales 

Art by femalefred



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