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The golden stag had been meditating when she came. Few would dare interrupt him when he communed with the wind; fewer still would remain even after he ignored their greeting. They feared him now for his power, for his connection to the storm. They had reason to fear.

Apart from her.

“Tzilan, I must speak with you.”

Her voice was louder this time, more insistent. There was an edge to it; sharp, but broken too, like a flint that had been smashed open. The edges were jagged and raw; he could hear her breath heaving, he could hear the tight, furious control she was drawing over her emotions. His own heart had begun to race from the moment he first scented her approach.

It had taken every fibre of his being to remain still and calm - the gentle summer breezes were no match for her thunderous hurricane, she could have broken him from his trance with no more than a whisper, and yet he had remained still, remained silent. She could not know, he would not let her know. If she knew; if she felt the same, what would that mean? He had made a deal, a deal he regretted, but even so it had been made and made with a power greater than he could even now imagine.

He could not let her know.

Slowly, he opened his eyes.

“Roxanne,” he murmured softly, dipping his head slightly in greeting, his heart thundering. “What is it?”

“It’s about Illy. There’s.. there’s something wrong.”

And there it was, the sharp, brittle flint at the heart of her; the searing lightning that brought the thunder. Her eyes were a storm, flashing with anger and pain and he was unable to keep himself still; in an instant he was on his feet, in a heartbeat he was by her side.

“What’s happened?”

The words fell from him with more speed he could have imagined and he felt himself reaching for her, stretching to bring her into an embrace. He caught himself almost too late and shrank back, as though he was withering in the force of her emotions.

“I… I don’t know. Her magic,” Roxanne’s words were more jagged than before, his sudden lunge and retreat had startled her, the storm was fading in her eyes; then she, too, caught herself and her eyes flashed once more. “Her magic is different. It is not like ours.”

And then she turned, looking behind to where the filly was surely playing, and her voice was barely a whisper.

“She is not of the storm…”

And he stared at Roxanne, at the bay doe who made him question the the voice of the wind, at the doe who made him curse the blessing he had been given, at the great power in her body and the thunder in her eyes. She stood, turned away, still and silent; she was a hurricane greater than any the spirit of the storm could bring.

“Impossible,” the words came without asking, “she is yours.”
Storm Child

featuring Tzilan 

mentions of Roxanne and Illyrica

Early Summer, Year 762 of the New Age, Windborne, Westhaven

Here, have some hamfisted foreshadowing.

And love. Foreshadowing and love.

PREVIOUS || NEXT (to come)
Drina hated the bone.

Neira wasn’t quite sure why, but her sister had made it quite clear she was unimpressed with her sister’s deathly trophy. Neira wasn’t quite sure why she herself was so attached to it.

There was something about it though; it was magical, she was sure. It was like a link to that paleface colt, the one with the gold-ish coat and the greeny eyes, the one that Alannis had loved and then left. It was his rib-bone, but more than that it had a mark of his death on it - the was a scraping mark on it, like the teeth or claws of a wolf as they lunged towards what would, after only a very brief struggle, be their next meal.

When she had the bone with her, Neira could feel him nearby. It was as though whatever separated death from life was weaker wherever she carried it; it was as though the bone itself, with its marks of death, was weakening that strange barrier. It felt almost like she could reach through and bring back that strange little paleface colt…

She had been going to get rid of it. But now?

With great care, the dark filly placed the rib on the ground, nosing at it gently as she did so. She could feel the barrier, she could feel it weakening as she stared at the bone. She hadn’t thought that what she had done before when Alannis had been standing there, willing her son back to life, could be repeated so easily but it just seemed so simple now. All she had to do was push through the boundary and bring the colt back here - and so, with no thought for what she did or any potential danger, she pushed.

The feeling of the barrier breaking, of her magic reaching across to the other side of life was… well, it was very different to the feeling of creating illusions. That was about something inside of her, chasing it and catching it and forcing it out into the world; the illusions weren’t just hers, they were her. But this? This was like walking very slowly across a very cold stream and trying not to get dragged away by the current, and the bone was somehow guiding her across like an old friend, pulling her through the icy waters towards her eventual goal.

Without realising it, the little hind had closed her eyes; she didn’t need to look at the bone any longer, simply feeling its presence by her feet was enough. In a strange way it felt like the bone was protecting her - she could sense the spirits of other fawnlings, other animals in the air around her. The spirits wanted her - they were… hungry? They wanted her, wanted something from her, but the bone kept them away, kept her on the path to the one she sought. The one the bone belonged to.

He was near, she felt sure of it, almost near enough for her to pull him back through, away from the icy coldness of the strange otherworld. She reached…

And then she was back in the woods, with the bone at her feet and the pale, so so pale figure of that wretched fawn was stood before her. She half expected the creature to start screaming again, as it had when she had disturbed Alannis’s spell - but instead it just stared at her, as though it were waiting for something.

The filly was holding her breath, but for some reason she didn’t dare to let it go; some part of her her felt that the spirit might suddenly flee if it was touched by living breath. Silently she stepped closer, drinking in the vision before her: it was silvery-white, with touches of colour across its hide, and she could see through it, as though it wasn’t there at all. And she knew more about the fawn; she knew it had been golden, she knew it had been killed by wolves…

She knew the gold of his coat and the green of his eyes.

She knew his short life.

She knew his death.

It was like a kick in the gut - no, like tearing claws and ripping fangs, dragging the life out of her gut, dragging it, dragging like it had dragged him, back to the world of the spirits where now they were leaping for her, hungry eyes and hungry mouths suddenly filling her unconscious vision and finally she opened her mouth to scream and there was nothing; no sound, no air, no breath with which to wail.

And she wasn’t just holding her breath any longer, now she couldn’t breathe, the air was too thick, the spirits were filling it too full of death…

Neira woke some time later. The forest was dark, the sense of death was gone; lying on the ground beside her was the bone.

She snatched it from the floor, and she ran as though a pack of wolves were after.

It never occurred to her that death was the one thing you couldn’t run from.
Bone Runner

featuring Aneira

Spring, Year 757 of the New Age, Blackwood, Near Widow's Hollow

Neira has more fun with necromancy... well, not exactly fun. Never fear, her obsession with the paleface colt will keep pulling her back into the world of the dead - for better or for worse!
Meepaburp by femalefred

featuring Rafe and Illyrica</h2>

Spring, Year 762 of the New Age, Windborne, Gumtree Hollow

Rafe: Burp? :(
Illy: Meep :)

lovely linesy-sketchy by TigressDesign, colours and odd background by me. It's supposed to be a eucalyptus forest with ferns in it. 

In my head this is what is happening:

Rafe is sad because people keep saying they're going away from here, and he likes it here and doesn't know what 'Westhaven' and 'Annual Migration' and 'Good Grazing Ground' mean. Illy knows the cure for sadness because Rafe taught her this a long time ago - snuggles!

Joinme journal - offline

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 9, 2013, 2:28 AM
Gotta go cook, sorry peeps!

Skin is by femalefred. Also the cats belong to femalefred - do not try to steal them please D:
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Illyrica | Hind | Herd Member by femalefred
Illyrica | Hind | Herd Member
Poor Illy deserved a new ref, now that she's three years old! She's growing into her long legs and neck, but she's still a bit gangly and awkward. Plus her hair is super awkward because of her squiffy magic... stupid tail hair, going upside down!

She is pictured in Westhaven, early Autumn (just before migrating) at dusk. Hopefully it looks both dusky and chilly :D

Previous ref - Illyrica | Filly | Herd Member

Name: Illyrica
Gender: Filly
Year of Birth: 759 of the New Age - 3 years old
Height: 9hh
Build: Light
Phenotype: Sooty Buckskin Restricted Fawn
Genotype: Ee/Aa/nCr/nSty/fwfw/RxRx
Eye Colour: Brown
Design Sheet:

Sire: Tzilan
Dam: Roxanne
Proof of Breeding:
Bloodline: 100% Windborne 8D
Magic Type: Squiffy! Telekinesis

Herd Information
Herd: Windborne Allied Herds
Herd Position: Herd Member

Illy is a bit... well, a bit dim. She's very well meaning and given her Father's position and her Mother's strong personality she really wishes she understood everything that was going on, but she simply doesn't. As a result she's pretty quiet a lot of the time, as she's mostly trying to process exactly what's going on. She comes off as shy, but mostly she's just nervous that she'll say something stupid - because, although she is stupid, unfortunately she's very aware of it. For Illy, ignorance isn't quite bliss.
If you don't try to blind her with science (or religion, because she doesn't quite get what this Molach thing is all about), she's gentle and sweet, and very very easily pleased. Her favourite things at the moment are the way that waves move and throw up seaspray and watching anybody - anybody at all - play with air magic.
Illy was born in the Cape Herd in the Late Spring of the year 759 of the New Age to the Leader, Tzilan, and a fiesty, magic wielding doe, Roxanne. She spent her first six months following her mother around and then playing with her friends in the creche at the Cape. And then everything changed.

Illy was captured by the Main Herd when they made their daring raid on the creche, and spent the next year as a captive. Although she was with her friends, she was lonely and miserable, missing her mother and wondering if she really knew who her mother was any more. She came to rely on her 'big brothers' Keet and Rafe, as well has her best doe-friend in the world, Kaziya, more than anything. When the rescue came, she just followed Keet and Rafe as they ran... and Ziya? Illy didn't know what happened, and nobody would tell her where Ziya was. She hasn't seen her since, and whenever she thinks about the spunky filly, she feels sad.

Since the rescue she's spent her time mostly stuck to her mother's side - apart from when Roxanne is up on the mountain protecting everyone, because she's a Thunderhead. Then, she spends her time with Keet and Rafe, and hopes that she can see Ziya again, even if nobody will tell her what happened.

Skill Points

Skill Points

Speed: 11 [Basic Level]
Stamina: 3 [Basic Level]
Strength: 0 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 9 points max)

Magic: 25 [Basic Level]
Herbs: 0 [Basoc Level]

Experience: 0


+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+25 magic - hereditary bonus

Illy's RPs

Meet and Bleat
+2 Speed - collab lit - 400-999 words - Meet and Bleat

Prisoner (no stat gain)

+1 Speed - art - Escapee
+1 Speed - lit - 400-999 words - Escapee

Travelling (no stat gain)


wants to be under the sea
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom

Hello everyone!

So, I was thrilled to find out that my lovely Illyrica has received squiffy magic - whee! That means her magic is weird. Weird and wrong.

Illyrica | Filly | Herd Member by femalefred
Ew, look how weird and wrong

As a result, I'm looking for a fawnling to RP with who doesn't mind being a bit mean and essentially bullying Illy a little bit for her being different. She's already quite shy because other fawns her age and slightly older tell her she's stupid (which is mean, but true - she's not the sharpest tool in the shed), so your fawn could already think she's a bit weird and useless. Plus if they're an old Main Herd member - or the child of a Main Herd member! - the fact that she's Tzilan's daughter would probably make them like her even less :(

My intention would be to run an RP where these two (and potentially some other fawns as well) are trying to use magic, and Illy's doesn't work properly. Your fawn can then be mean, then Illy will be sad and run away, and your fawn can feel all vindicated and happy about it. Hooray!

If you have a suitable fawnling please comment here and we can get the RP going - it should be a relatively quick and simple one if that's ok with you!

I'm still on a bit of a dA break, but I wanted to sort this out so that I can push some other plots forward - so apologies if I'm a bit slow to respond :heart:

Skin by femalefred



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